Topic-based and structured authoring are hot topics in tech comm. Can you do them in RH?

The answer is yes; the features you need are right in front of you in RH.

This presentation explains how:

  • It first defines document and topic authoring, explains what “topics” are and how to set standards for creating them, and what to expect as you shift from document to topic authoring.
  • The presentation then defines “structure” and explains how to create structured content in RH using topic type templates, CSS, and table style sheets.
  • The result won’t be the enforced structure of DITA, but it will be structured.
  • At the end of this presentation, attendees will understand the concepts behind topic-based and structured authoring and how to do it in RH.

The presenter, Neil Perlin, is an internationally known consultant and president of Hyper/Word Services. Neil is a 33-year veteran of tech comm, a 26-year veteran of hypertext, a 21-year veteran of RoboHelp, and has been working with the evolving "mobile" market since 1998. Neil may be followed on Twitter via @NeilEric